2xist Boxers

2xist boxers are the perfect choice for men who appreciate stylish underwear and value comfort. The entire 2xist line is geared towards the discriminating buyer, and the boxers are no exception. Perfect for everyday wear yet maintaining the sophistication of the 2xist brand, you can't go wrong with this choice.

At International Jock, we carry two styles of 2xist boxers you can choose from--the Pima Cotton Button Fly Boxer and the Luxe Loose Knit Boxer. These casual underwear styles can be worn with any loose-fitting garment and are so soft you'll barely remember they're on. Since both are equally attractive, functional and comfortable, either one is a smart choice and choosing is simply a matter of personal preference.

2 Styles of 2xist Boxers

Our Pima Cotton Fly Boxers from 2xist are made entirely from super soft Peruvian Pima cotton. The Luxe Loose Knit Boxer has a covered waistband and incorporates 49 percent Micro Modal into the weave to produce a slightly more free-flowing material with a silky feel. Both of these styles are sleek and stylish and sport a one-button closure.

Like the rest of the 2xist line of men's underwear, these shorts are sleek and contemporary in design. These underwear styles eliminate the saggy bottoms, bunched-up legs and bulkiness common in other brands in favor of an abbreviated cut and slender profile. It doesn't matter who you are, what you do or what else you may be wearing, you are sure to feel comfortable, stylish and confident with 2xist underneath.