2xist Thongs

If tight pants or jeans are a staple of your wardrobe, investing in some 2xist thongs is a good idea. While not exactly mainstream yet in the world of men's underwear, this style serves a particular purpose for those concerned with creating a sleek silhouette below the waist. At International Jock, we carry a variety of men's thongs, and the 2xist brand is one of the best.

Many of today's men's fashions feature pants cut tight in the rear and/or made from thin, light-weight materials. These fashions make finding underwear that doesn't show through a challenge. Thong underwear from 2xist solves this problem and presents a practical alternative to going commando.

2xist Thongs Are Comfortable and Functional

The unique design of our 2xist Y-back thong makes an intriguing look and adds to the comfort of the garment. The Y-back takes some of the tension off the pouch, creating a more comfortable fit in the rear. Whether you're new to wearing men's thongs or you sport one every day of your life, you will appreciate the increased comfort this design has to offer.

Like the rest of the 2xist collection we carry, these thongs are made from the highest quality materials, which makes sure your goods travel in style. A 100-percent cotton pouch is soft and breathable, yet contemporary and stylish in looks. The entire line of 2xist underwear aspires to provide fashion-forward men with underwear that fits their needs and their body, and their thong is no exception to that aspiration.