Aussiebum Swimwear

Of all the designer collections in our inventory, aussieBum swimwear could easily win the People's Choice Award (if such a thing were given for swimwear). There's not a single dull design in the bunch: aussieBum uses true artistry in its bikinis, briefs and trunks. From smashing retro styles to limited-edition futuristic designs, aussieBum swimwear will make you wish that summer lasted all year 'round.

Did you say you want a revolution? Well, get ready for the ground-breaking digital printing that put aussieBum on the map. Each of their designs is created using advanced graphics technology to produce clean lines and vibrant colors that won't fade or run. You may decide to replace this year's swimwear with next year's hot-off-the-presses design, but it won't be because your old one's looking ratty.

The Exquisite Colors of aussieBum Swimwear

Make no mistake: all of aussieBum's swimwear uses color to make a statement. But if you want the crème de la crème, you've got to check out their Retro Swim series. Each season sees new colors and designs, and every Retro Swim suit is a limited run. Yes, that means your swimwear could be a collector's item one day, but for now you'll have to settle for collecting appreciative stares.

With names like Tranquility, Daze and Chill, you know the Retro Swim collection has something special in store. Its 100-percent polyester fabric feels as good as it looks, and it won't cave under the pressures of the pool or surf. And if you want to get really wild, skip the Retro series altogether and go straight for the Low Rider Swim in the Mars style. Trust the experts at International Jock: you won't be disappointed.