Bike Briefs

The Bike brand is most famous for it's long and prolific career in the jockstrap and athletic supporter industry, but now you can get athletic support in the form of a pair of briefs. Bike briefs are available in a variety of styles to match any man's taste, including support, fly-front and no-fly. Bike briefs also have a variety of features designed to allow you to choose the amount of support you want.

Bike styles may look like typical men's briefs, but they're fashioned to provide far more support for the genitalia than typical men's underwear. Most styles are created to provide athletic support and some degree of compression. The is accomplished by incorporating a small percentage of spandex or elastene into the weave of the fabric.

Special Features of Bike Briefs

Whether you are a professional athlete or a Sunday duffer, you'll appreciate some of the special features available from the Bike briefs we sell at International Jock. For those participating in sports that put your most valuable assets in danger, you can choose a style that come with a Proflex Max cup and cup pouch. Athletes participating in team sports will also find the name panel useful when it comes time to find your skivvies in a crowded locker room.

Athletic briefs provide a crucial function you cannot live without when playing a sport or working out. For decades Bike has been an industry leader for athletic supporters and jock straps. That's why you know you can trust the quality of their brand when you're shopping for athletic briefs.