Bike Underwear

When it comes to athletic underwear, no brand has as long a history or good a reputation as Bike Athletic. Bike has been around for more than 100 years, and in all of that time it has been known for providing athletes with superior protection and support. Bike has come a long way since its inception, however, and today it offers a varied collection of athletic boxers, briefs, shorts and jocks.

Often the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this brand is the logo. Since the beginning, this logo has been prominently displayed on the waistband of all Bike underwear. It's not just the logo, though--it's the single-minded devotion to superior quality that has catapulted Bike underwear to the top of the athletic protection industry.

Types of Bike Underwear

There once was a time when jockstraps were all athletes had to protect their most important trophies, but now you can choose from many different styles of Bike athletic undergarments including:

  • Performance boxers to provide support and some compression in a shorts style
  • Performance briefs to provide support and some compression in a briefs style
  • Compression shorts to provide greater compression than performance underwear and help keep the blood flowing to the muscles
  • Athletic supporters and jock straps (with and without a hard cup) for the traditional form of athletic protection

Bike designs not only addresses your functional needs, they're also sleek and stylish, which gives your morale and self-confidence a boost as well as your parts. At International Jock, we have a large collection of athletic underwear available to fit every man and every sport.