C-in2 Briefs

Whether traditional briefs, abbreviated briefs or boxer briefs, C-IN2 offers men underwear that makes them look better and feel better both with and without clothes. This designer underwear is sexy, hot and now with cutting-edge design and innovative fabrics. In the designer underwear family, C-IN2 is the hot younger brother.

If you want to maximize the look of your rump and your pump, C-IN2 briefs are the smart choice. These come in remarkable variety, but they all share something in common--they're not your dad's underwear. This underwear often features bold graphics, minimal construction, contoured fit, ground-breaking fabrics and other attributes that stand traditional conventions on their head.

The C-IN2 "Trophy Shelf" Takes Briefs to a New Level

This designer's quest is to not only improve the styling and fashion of men's underwear, but to offer unorthodox technology that improves the function of men's underwear as well. The "Trophy Shelf" is one example of C-IN2 technology that makes you look better in your briefs. The unique construction of the "Trophy Shelf" lifts the front pouch up and forward, which serves to project the male package.

Wearing underwear with "Trophy Shelf" technology gives you a bigger bulge and a sexier silhouette whether you're dressed or undressed. This feature is available in a wide range of C-IN2 underwear products so that you can enjoy the benefits no matter what style of underwear you prefer. At International Jock, we have a huge assortment of C-IN2 briefs in stock, with and without the "Trophy Shelf" technology.