C-in2 No Show

If low-rise jeans or hipster pants are a part of your wardrobe, C-IN2 No Show underwear should be also. These styles are cut low so they don't peek out of the top of even the lowest-rising pants. While some guys like the look of their underwear waistband showing, this line is the choice of those who don't.

C-IN2 No Show underwear has the added benefit of displaying your abs. It takes a tremendous amoount of work to get your lower abs cut, so it only makes sense to choose underwear that doesn't cover up your results. If you have sexy abs, C-IN2 No Show underwear can help you put them on display both in and out of your clothes.

Different Styles of C-IN2 No Show Underwear

At International Jock, we carry several different styles of C-IN2 No Show underwear for you to choose from. You can opt for either low-rise briefs or short-cut, low-rise boxer briefs, depending on how much leg coverage you prefer. Both styles of underwear fit the C-IN2 mission of providing fashion-forward design, exceptional fit and top-notch quality and construction.

Our collection of C-IN2 No Show underwear includes a variety of different colors and fabrications. If basic white is too boring for you, you can also choose from army green, burnt orange, grape and several other colors. Additionally, these underwear come in posh fabric (a blend of micro modal and spandex), 100 percent cotton and 100 percent Pima cotton to offer a variety of textures and comfort levels.