C-in2 Sling

If you are concerned about the profile of your goods with and without clothes (and, honestly who isn't?), then you need get C-IN2 underwear that incorporates "sling support" technology. C-IN2 is constantly looking for ways to make men's underwear more functional and to include features in their designs that add value. The "Sling Support System" is one of the features that makes C-IN2 a cutting-edge underwear line and attracts men from all walks of life.

With ordinary underwear, particularly briefs and boxer briefs, the male package is compressed flatter than is natural and pushed back between the legs. The result is a diminished profile and sometimes discomfort when moving. This line of underwear addresses both of these problems to create briefs and boxer briefs that maximize the profile of your valuables and prevents them from getting in the way.

How C-IN2 Sling Technology Works

The C-IN2 "Sling Support System" is simple yet effective in producing the look and feel you want in your underwear. Inside the underwear there is an elastic sling that slips around your entire package to provide lift and projection. The sling is adjustable to fit the unique size and contour of your anatomy.

"Sling support" technology is available in a variety of different styles of the C-IN2 underwear we carry at International Jock. You can choose from briefs, boxer briefs and trunks in an assortment of colors and patterns. On the outside, these underwear look exactly like many of the other styles of C-IN2 underwear; the only difference is that inside they have a secret feature designed to show you and your boys in the best possible light.