Calvin Klein Men's Underwear

Thanks to their legendary advertising campaigns featuring buff celebrities like Mark Walberg in their skivvies, Calvin Klein has built a brand that has positioned them solidly at the top of the men's underwear industry. CK Underwear is more than just fluff and marketing, however. The brand is also renowned for top-notch quality, trend-setting style and superior fit.

There was a time when men's undergarments were thought of as mainly utilitarian, but top designers are swiftly changing that attitude with Calvin Klein confidently leading the way. Calvin Klein brought stylish design to men's underwear while maintaining all of the comfort and practicality of yesterday's conventions. Updating old-fashion designs to offer signature looks is a CK specialty.

Shopping for Calvin Klein Men's Underwear

While the Calvin Klein line of underclothing can be found in most department stores, it can be a challenge to find a selection that includes a wide range of styles, colors and sizes. At International Jock, our online store offers dozens of different CK designs from popular everyday briefs and boxers to fun and trendy looks. As the number one men's underwear store online, we have every kind of design you can imagine.

Our Calvin Klein collection includes briefs, hip briefs, trunks and even thongs in a broad assortment of sizes and styles. Whether you prefer a sexy look, a sporty look or a casual look, Calvin Klein's innovative designs will provide the comfort and fashion you seek. After all, the clothing you outfit your most valuable parts in ought to be top notch.