CockSox Underwear

Cocksox underwear is specially designed to make your bulge look bigger and more defined. Sporting a uniquely fashioned pouch, these briefs and thongs lift your goods and push them forward so your profile looks to others as big as it feels to you. You'll be amazed at the amount of projection you get from this simple yet effective design.

The added benefit (as if you need another one) is that CockSox underwear also provides superior support for your manhood. Similar to the support provided by an athletic supporter or jockstrap, these briefs prevent your jewels from moving about during physical activity. Yet unlike old school athletic undergarments, CockSox products are supremely comfortable to wear.

Wearing CockSox Underwear for Athletics

The supportive design of CockSox underwear is only one of the reasons they are good for athletics. Made from Supplex, a synthetic material, the fabrication of the briefs and thongs offers several other benefits for athletes including:

  • Breathability--CockSox underwear allows air to circulate through the material easily.
  • Comfort--Supplex fabric is extremely soft and skin-friendly.
  • Wicking Properties--The fabric draws moisture away from the body.
  • Quick-drying--Moisture is released from the fabric rapidly.
  • Colorfastness--Fabric dye is never faded or transferred due to moisture.
  • Many athletes worldwide choose to wear CockSox underwear to boost their performance and their reputation. Whether you are a pro athlete or wish you were, these underwear have a lot to offer. At International Jock, we carry several different styles of CockSox, and we even offer swimwear from the same designer.