Diesel Briefs

If you take life very seriously, then Diesel briefs are not for you. This underwear is designed to be fun and stylish. It offers men offbeat yet luxurious underwear they can be proud to wear, whether or not anyone is looking. Irreverent and sexy, Diesel briefs are for the man who wants to show off his stuff and his personality.

This underwear comes in a lot of different styles, but they all share some common features including edgy styling, close-cut fit and comfortable materials. If you think you have to have tons of room in your underwear to be comfortable, you've got it all wrong. Underwear that is cut to fit the contours of your body is both comfortable and attractive.

Show Your Style and Your Goods with Diesel Briefs

Unlike some of the more elitist designer men's underwear, Diesel underwear is relaxed and hip. You don't have to be wearing a thousand-dollar suit to sport a pair of these designer briefs. In fact, Diesels are generally designed for casual wear and mostly appeal to the younger, trendier crowd.

At International Jock, we carry dozens of Diesel briefs in a variety of styles from the Kinkol line of low-rise, high-leg briefs to the Conkyl line with fuller coverage and a more traditional cut. We offer both fly-front and no-fly briefs, and most of these styles feature a wide, plush waistband for increased comfort. And if you like to wear your pants slung low, everyone will know your favorite brand of underwear because the Diesel logo is always prominently featured on the waistband.