Men's Revealing Underwear

When it comes to men's revealing underwear, the two most common styles are thongs and mesh briefs. Of course, thongs also come in mesh material, and these are probably the most risque of them all. Though such revealing men's underwear doesn't leave much to spark the imagination, sometimes seeing a lot of skin (and everything else) can spark a whole lot more.

If you have a sexy physique, there's no better way to show it off in the bedroom than with sexy men's undergarments. Even total nakedness is not as alluring as a barely there pair of mesh briefs or a sheer thong, because even a tiny amount of intrigue is better than none. So, if you really want to get something cooking in that department, erotic men's lingerie won't disappoint.

Revealing Men's Underwear Offers a Lot of Choices

At International Jock, we have a large inventory of revealing underwear for men that comes in a variety of styles and themes. Among our inventory are:

  • Gregg Homme Basixx Sheer Brief--Composed of sheer mesh throughout the entire brief except for a small opaque patch at the center of the pouch, these are delightfully tantalizing.
  • PB Rubber Zipper Thong--With a strategically placed zipper, this thong can go from revealing to removed in a second.
  • Gregg Homme X-IT String Thongs--The only fabric here barely covers the goods. These are more like a frame than like men's underwear!

If you're feeling bold and are raring for some action, revealing lingerie can ignite the tryst you're looking for. At the very least you'll walk with an extra swagger, and that confidence can be very attractive.