Men's String Bikini Underwear

In the spirit of full disclosure, we'd like to let you know that the men's string bikini underwear at International Jock is not for the faint of heart. These hot styles are tailor-made for the man who knows his strengths and enjoys framing them in attention-grabbing designs. Our men's underwear from Gregg Homme, GrigioPerla and Ergowear will put you center stage, so be prepared for a standing ovation!

The Gregg Homme X-IT String is in its own league of men's bikini underwear. Available in several different colors, this thong offers lift and support like no other. As the name implies, it uses an X design to crisscross your privates in an exceptionally flattering manner. Beneath your clothes or front and center, this thong is sure to dazzle.

Men's String Bikini Underwear with European Flavor

Famous Italian men's underwear maker GrigioPerla throws its hat into the string bikini ring with the exquisite Comfort G-String. The Comfort G-String uses an advanced blend of 90 percent cotton and 10 percent elastane to create a string bikini that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and support. Its stretchy, reinforced front pouch enhances the look of your package without cramping your style.

For the true exhibitionist, Ergowear offers its X3D Microfiber Thong. If any men's string bikini underwear is capable of starting a stampede, this is the one. Made in Chile from exceptionally soft microfiber, the X3D may very well announce your arrival moments before you enter a room. We may be exaggerating a tiny bit, but when you see the shape-enhancing pouch you may use a little hyperbole yourself!