Baskit Underwear

Baskit underwear is not your father's underwear.  Baskit is not in the business of selling tired, old-school, tightey-whiteys like your mom (bless her) used to buy you in a six-pack. No Sir!

Baskit underwear is not just men's underwear for the beautiful people with their bodies to match.  Baskit underwear knows you want that body, but you've got to work with what you have. So, Baskit does have styles for you guys with the six-pack abs, but Baskit's designs look great on the rest of us too.

Don't be alarmed if your friends or even the guy next to you in the locker room asks you where you got your underwear. It's just "underwear envy" and it's quite common when you wear Baskit underwear. It's totally harmless (most of the time!) and you'll get used to it. Just say thanks and point them to Baskit Underwear at International Jock.