Bike Underwear

From the very beginning, BIKE underwear placed their company logo up FRONT and center on the OUTSIDE of the elastic waistband of their athletic supporter or jockstrap. On the other hand, up until the past two decades all mens underwear manufacturers placed their product label on the inside and in the back of the elastic waistband of their men's boxers and briefs.

There the label was, and still is, directly below the abs, distinctively visible to coaches and locker room teammates - not unlike a badge of honor. Those same mates were not able to identify the multiple pairs of men's boxers and briefs scattered around the locker room benches as Jockey or Hanes, but all of them could identify the label of the BIKE jock strap or athletic supporter flung over the locker room doors. So impressive (and important) was this simple "front and center" brand label placement, it is still copied by almost all of the designers of athletic supporters or jockstraps to this day.

Make no bones about it, BIKE was the pioneer of the jockstrap and still packs a punch today. No other manufacturer of mens underwear holds the distinction of having produced and sold over three hundred and fifty MILLION jock straps or athletic supporters over the last century and a half. That honor clearly belongs to BIKE the great grandfather of men's athletic underwear.

A half-century ago the men's locker room basics used to be the Gillette Blue Blade Razor, Old Spice Shaving Lotion and the BIKE jockstrap. While the former items have been long replaced by the disposable razor and designer colognes, BIKE proudly retains its locker room position because it still is the standard of men's athletic supporters or jockstraps. And that's the way it is.