Bjorn Borg Underwear

In the late 1970's, Bjorn Borg soared to the top of the tennis world. Today, he is recreating that meteoric rise to fame - in underwear & clothing design. And though all of his athletic clothing line is gaining favor, it's men's underwear that's proving to be the star of the team. 

Already one of the most popular brands of men's under things in Sweden and across Europe, Bjorn Borg underwear is fast becoming a favorite among American men as well. Superior fit and style are the trademarks of the Bjorn name, and their boxer brief type shorts deliver both with the satisfaction of a two handed backhand.

These shorts vary a bit from traditional men's drawers - creating a hybrid short that guys seem to love. Snugger than a brief, and just a bit shorter than boxer briefs or compression shorts, these unmentionables blend coverage and comfort seamlessly. Perhaps the biggest difference between Borg skivvies and those that we are used to seeing on the shelf is the lack of a fly. No opening in the front means a smoother, less bulky look underneath your favorite jeans. Even the waistband is made from a less obtrusive elastic band. And since they're made from super soft cotton with a hint of stretch, they put a touch of luxury into your underwear drawer.

Yummy fabrics and sleek design aside, Bjorn underwear also adds an element of fun to your underpants. They are a colorful beacon in a tighty whitey world. Bright stripes, bold graphic prints, even neon tennis ball designs - these funky shorts will make you smile every time you put them on. Color, comfort, style… game, set, match.