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Bub Adjustable Suspensory Jockstrap with Legstraps


Bub Adjustable Suspensory Jockstrap with Legstraps

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Bub's knitted suspensory jock provides the ultimate in testicular support with a four-way stretch pouch designed to support your scrotum while allowing the penis to swing freely. It has a stretch elastic waistband that's adjustable to fit almost any waist size via a metal buckle that allows you to adjust the snugness of the waistband. Each legstrap is also adjustable using a metal buckle so that you can adjust the backward pull of the pouch. Provides firm scrotal support in four different pouch sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large. Choose a pouch size based upon the size of your testicles. Made from a heat-resistant blend of 88% polyester and 22% rubber. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • ActiveMan style F16
  • Item No. 1678