C-IN2 Pop Colors Street Jock Wildberry

C-IN2 Pop Colors Street Jock Wildberry


Pop Colors Street Jock Wildberry


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Originally designed to be worn by serious athletes, C-IN2's updated jockstrap has now become an everyday item for everyday guys. The C-IN2 Jock has a 100% cotton pouch and an ultra-soft 1 -inch microfiber logo waistband and dual, -inch microfiber leg straps. This hot new design brings the latest in fabric technology and 21st century design to the most masculine item in any man's wardrobe. With fluorescent colors, color-coordinated waistbands and superb stylingfrom CIN2, the hottest name in men's underwear.

The C-IN2 underwear fashion collection presents their most popular styles in limited edition colors and prints just twice a year and when theyre gone, theyre gone forever.
  • C-IN2 style 1826-622
  • Item No. 56284