C-IN2 has become a major player in the world of men's underwear by producing some of the hottest new items seen in a long time. Whether it's style, comfort or design, the CIN2 Underwear collections, the CIN 2 Boxers, C-IN2 Sling Underwear and C-IN2 Briefs have it all. Not to be outdone, C-IN2 swimwear offers the same stylish and daring designs for playtime at the beach. C IN 2 swimwear is created by the same design team behind C IN 2 underwear.

If one wants to get down to basics, it begins with the C-IN2 BASIC collection. Classic stylish lines offering the ultimate in comfort and design. The entire C-IN2 BASIC collection is made up of assorted contemporary styles in brilliant whites, striking grays and vivid blacks - each 100% cotton. Basic it is - ordinary it is not.

The C-IN2 BAMBOO collection offers today's man the exceptional comfort of an ultra soft bamboo fabric that is lightweight as well as strong. Bamboo is antibacterial and contains excellent wicking properties. Wicking allows perspiration to the outer surface of the fabric and away from the skin where it evaporates more easily. Men who have allergic reactions to other natural fibers- such as wool or hemp- say they don't experience this with bamboo fabrics. The C-IN2 BAMBOO collection also offers CIN2 ‘s exclusive "trophy shelf" feature which provides an uplifting boost of extra support to the genitals - pulling them up and pushing them out.

The C-IN2 KINETIC MESH collection provides the ultimate in style and comfort with an interwoven and intertwined network of tightly knit stretch mesh cotton fabric which allows your C-IN2 underwear to move and breath with you. The C-IN2 PIMA collection differentiates itself in that it is made of 100% pima cotton. Named after the Pima Native Americans who first cultivated the plant in North America, the C-IN2 PIMA collection offers an added thickness to the cloth. This is a unique characteristic of pima cotton thus making it a very durable fabric. Because it has a higher thread count, the C-IN2 PIMA collection is exceptionally soft and absorbs body perspiration quickly.

The C-IN2 POSH collection distinguishes itself in that it is made from a luxurious blend of eco-friendly micro-modal fabric and a touch of spandex to provide elasticity. All micro-modal fabrics are feather-light and natural skin huggers. They are preferably worn next to the skin and remain exceptionally soft while retaining their softness after repeated washings. Thus comfort and durability are the main stays of the C-IN2 POSH collection not to mention the bold contemporary styling.

As anyone can see, C-IN2 underwear collections don't let us down when it comes to comfort, durability and styling. Their other collections emphasize vivid captivating design features. Additionally, the designer's at C-IN2 have your interest and your assets in mind when they came up with their ingenious and exclusive Sling Support System. This unique feature utilizes an adjustable elastic sling that gently lifts your genitals up and forward and provides you with an impressive genital profile. You'll find this innovative enhancement feature within all of the following C-IN2's collections.

The C-IN2 BRAZUCA collection offers colorful and dramatic geometric prints in a post-modern men's underwear collection that resemble Aztec engravings in found in Brazil. The C-IN2 HONEYCOMB collection offers a brilliant color selection and a dynamic honeycomb geometric pattern and that would rival the handiwork in many a rural beehive. An assemblage of white squares and rectangles against a backdrop of vivid color dominate the C-IN2 WACKY BLOCK collection. The C-IN2 POP COLOR collection is just that - bold solid colors such as dutch blue, juniper green, burnt orange, navy iris and fatigue olive - below the C-IN2 waistband in a smart contrasting color. The C-IN2 QUESTION MARK collection scatters that little keyboard symbol right side up and upside down -from top to bottom, left to right. There's no question about it - each and every C-IN2 underwear collection answers all your men's underwear questions.