Dirty English Underwear

Juicy Couture has long been a favorite brand among the under thirty female crowd. With the launch of Dirty English Underwear - the brand's new line aimed at the twenty something men's market, they've taken a fun, out of the ordinary approach to men's underwear.

Like the Dirty English cologne (and the clothing line by the same name) these under things have a peppery undertone, and a sublimely masculine feel. Nothing stodgy about this underwear - it's all about crisp lines, great fit, and a flare for the dramatic.

The retro hip briefs are a snug, lower cut version of traditional tighties, (and in bold colors like fire engine red, there's nothing "whitey" about them, either) while Dirty English boxers come in classic stripe and paisley patters, set on the softest of cotton blends.

For years, women have had a wide array of designer panties to choose from; a kaleidoscope of candy colors and flirty fits. Now, Dirty English seeks to offer the same for men looking to add a touch of spice to their skivvies. By bringing the same distinctive style that made Juicy Couture an authority in the young fahionista world, Dirty English's designers hope to rock the men's underwear market. And yes, it's working.

Edgy cuts and sumptuous fabrics are quickly making Dirty English a top name in the men's underwear department. But beyond comfort and a wicked cool logo waistband, it's the visual appeal of these designer drawers that will make them your new favorite pair. Made to enhance the strong lines of the male form, you'll notice her noticing from the first time you put them on. Which might just put a whole new spin on "Dirty" English.