DKNY Underwear

When DKNY sent their men's underwear line on an extended hiatus in 2002, faithful wearers of the brand were forced to look elsewhere for their unmentionable essentials. Where were they to find DKNY's signature classy yet sexy look? Was it even possible to acclimate to another brand? Were these guys destined to go commando for the rest of their lives? Thankfully, four years later, DKNY men's underwear made a triumphant return- sexier, classier, and more comfortable than ever.

Today, the men's underwear of Donna Karan New York comes in four lines, each with the high quality construction, modern styling, and sumptuous fabric design that we've come to expect from the brand. Now available in stores (as well as all online carriers of fine men's under things) are the new and improved DKNY lines:

Classic- Made from 100% cotton, the classic line of men's underwear is DKNY's salute to traditional styles and shapes. With no-sag briefs and stay put boxers, this is the perfect choice for the man who embraces time honored style.

Premium- When you want a touch of luxury in your pants, the premium line is made from only high quality pima cotton. Yes, it costs a little more, but when it feels this good against your skin, who cares?

Performance- With a blend of 90% cotton and 10% spandex, the performance line is probably the most popular of DKNY's men's lines. Here is where you'll find the signature trunk style that propelled Donna Karan to the top of the men's skivvy world. Seamless and body enhancing, they are what many consider to be the epitome of sexy men's underwear.

Sport- The underwear of champions! Ergonomically designed using a combination of stretch cotton and a polyester/lycra mesh, the sport line is made with the active man in mind. (Read: they won't bunch and try to crawl up your rear end as you jog)

So with so much to choose from the only real question that remains is- Which style of DKNY underwear is right for you?