The Equmen core precision undershirts from the men's shapewear collection are designed to do a whole lot more than just give you a slimmer look. Engineered with body specific technology, Equmen shirts use built in physiotherapy methods to sculpt and tone a man's body even as it improves posture, reduces back pain, promotes circulation, controls body temperature and supports core muscles. It's the ultimate fusion of feel good fashion and functionality.

What makes men's Equmen shirts so different that they have earned the name Equmen wonder shirt? It all starts with your core. When your skeletal system is properly aligned, the stress on your bones is minimized. And that means less tension and easier movement. Equmen undershirts give your body's core a solid, ergonomic foundation--- helping you maintain proper balance, which can ease back pain and prevent injury.

Equmen shapewear for men is also good for your posture; something that has more of an effect on your overall health than you may realize. The core precision undershirt supports in new ways. In addition to maximizing energy and optimizing oxygen flow, proper posture can actually prevent and treat recurring back, neck and shoulder pain. What's more, recent studies show a direct correlation between posture and psychological health. Mood, self confidence, and overall outlook can all improve with a boost to your posture... making Equmen shirts good for both your body and your mind.

Of course, men's Equmen core precision undershirts aren't solely about function. The body response fabric of Equmen underwear and shirts visibly slims and sculpts your problem areas—including your stomach and love handles—streamlining you where you need it most. Going beyond the average shaper, these shirts enhance muscle tone and pull your shoulders back to give you an instantly leaner and taller look. It's fashion at it's slenderest.

And if you need supportive underwear to go with your men's Equmen shapewear undershirts, there is an entire line of precision fit skivvies for you to choose from. Breathable, athletic and completely tailored, Equmen knows how to make the most of a man's body.