Ergowear MAX Compression Shorts Black

Ergowear MAX Compression Shorts Black


MAX Compression Shorts Black


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The unique Ergowear Max Compression Short is specially designed for use in sports to enhance the performance of your body. The MAX Compression Short will work as your perfect (and secret) performance booster by keeping your genitals nicely contained and apart from your legs while boosting your bulge with a very comfortable lifting effect. It also will support your upper legs and reduce muscle fatigue and vibration, helping to maintain your energy levels and improving force and power production.

Just as in other Ergowear MAX products, this short features Ergowear's unique 3-dimensional pouch and their signature 1 1/2 inch waistband. Smooth seam technology on all seams.

All MAX Compression products are manufactured in Supplex, a very elastic, strong, fast drying and extremely breathable combination of polyamide and elastane (Lycra). Beautifully made in Chile with incredible attention to detail.
  • Ergowear style EMMP07N
  • Item No. 30897