Frank Dandy Underwear

Since launching their men's underwear line in Sweden in 2002, Frank Dandy underwear has fulfilled their initial goal of helping to create an underwear renaissance. Mens underwear no longer had to be plain, white or black, and boring. By creating underwear defined by dazzling prints, bold stripes, bulge enhancing pouches and metallic appliqués, Frank Dandy underwear has been capturing fans across the globe.

Even the names that Frank Dandy applies to their underwear creations are unique and compelling: Gallichi boxer briefs, Big Mistel briefs, Caesar trunks, Waldorf Flower briefs and Amangani low rise briefs to name just a few. In addition to their flashy, cutting edge designs and unusual naming conventions, you'll also find that Frank Dandy has a true commitment to quality. These are briefs and boxers briefs that really fit the male body. And, the care that is taken in their manufacturing is evident throughout. Although Frank Dandy's underwear can be a little more expensive that some other brands, you'll discover that their superb quality is worth the extra cost.

Frank Dandy underwear can be seen as a real world representation of the liberal, modern even libertine attitudes of Scandinavians. Known for their tolerance and progressive thinking, Swedish designs, from cars to underwear, tend to be both practical and adventurous. Frank Dandy underwear is no exception: the designs are among the most exciting and outrageous in the mens underwear marketplace today, while at the same time they fit, feel good to wear and last a long time.

International Jock's ever-expanding Frank Dandy underwear collection includes all of their most popular styles. Our favorites include the Walker briefs and boxer briefs, the metallic foil Caesar briefs, the lifeguard boxers in several color combinations and all of the low-rise briefs.  Looking for quality-made underwear in exceptional designs?  If so, you can't go wrong with Frank Dandy underwear.