Hanes Underwear

When did men's underwear get so darned complicated? I mean, we took it in stride when ordering coffee went from "Large, please" to "I'll take a grande half- caff mocha chino no foam". We've sat back and watched everything from cell phones to movie rentals get jazzed up, reworked, and overhauled. But when it comes to our underwear, a man's got to put his foot down. Thank you Hanes, for realizing that in an ever evolving world, sometimes classic is still best.

Hanes men's underwear is a security blanket of sorts. Classic fits, comfortable fabrics, and sturdy construction. Not a sequined thong or feather trimmed slingshot in sight. That's not to say that Hanes hasn't made any improvements on their men's underwear line over the years- after all, we're crazy about those tagless undershirts and no gap flies- but they've managed to maintain the integrity of their entire line of skivvies, while still keeping up with the times.

Hanes Men's Underwear: Simple, Classic, Comfortable

And, in the end, it's just that integrity that keeps us coming back to Hanes for all of our knicker needs. There is never any questioning when you buy a pair of Hanes- you know it's going to fit perfectly, and last longer than your last relationship.  Men's underwear without the fuss means more than just comfort and support. It means that there is something we can rely on, every morning. Affordable, and attractive boxers, briefs, trunks and tees make for an ahhhh moment after every shower. There aren't many constants in the men's fashion world, but certain truths hold steadfast: A snug, faded pair of jeans will always look great. A quality suit is always worth the higher price tag. And Hanes men's underwear is always, always, a good buy.

It's a shame the same can't be said about that five dollar latte you had this morning.