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Joe Snyder Bulge Trunk White Mesh

Joe Snyder Bulge Trunk White Mesh

Joe Snyder

Bulge Trunk White Mesh

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Joe Snyderís mesh bulge trunk features a special bulge-enhancing pouch that gently lifts your goodies up and forward for a noticeable enhancing effect. Itís made from a single layer of fine mesh that is semi-transparent ( and even more so when wet). We suggest these only for the uninhibited! It also includes a discreet Joe Snyder logo on the right front panel and a center seam in back that defines your cheeks. Wear them by the pool or as everyday underwear.The Joe Snyder collection is designed to be worn as both underwear and swimwear. It's like getting two garments for the price of one! Joe Snyder active wear is renowned for its stylishness and versatility. Because of the soft and stretchy qualities of the fabric and because none of the garments have liners, they are lightweight and comfortable for daily wear both in and out of the water. All Joe Snyder garments are made from a single layer of soft, 80% nylon and 20% Lycra that fits like a glove and provides excellent male support. Excellent quality with durable stitching and attention to detail throughout.
  • Joe Snyder style BUL-03
  • Item No. 6345