Nautica Underwear

Looking for a fresh take on classic men's underwear design? Look no further than Nautica- that purveyor of all things fabulous when it comes to the gentlemanly physique. As one of the most affordable brands of high end underwear, Nautica brings fashion skivvies to the every day man- a fact that the every day woman is very grateful for. Just what is it about a man in Nautica that drives us so wild?

Maybe it's the clean lines and sophisticated look of Nautica's menswear that make it so attractive. After all, there's a lot to be said for underwear with a simple design that manages to make just about every man's body look fantastic. The designers at Nautica realize that it doesn't take over the top elements to create a great pair of underwear… and that what it does take is a fit that's flattering in all the right places.

Hello, Hot Stuff… Nautica Underwear for Him

Which, of course, is something else that Nautica gets right every time. From briefs that don't sag to trunks and boxer briefs that enhance a man's package to mouth watering proportions, the men's underwear collection from Nautica always fits the way it's supposed to. What's more, Nautica skivvies retain their shape for longer than many comparable fashion underwear brands. (Because staying power is just as important as good looks, my friends)

But perhaps our very favorite thing about men's Nautica underwear lies in the dependability factor. You're never going to click onto the Nautica web link and find a fuchsia slingshot or peek-a-boo boxer briefs. Nope, just great fitting, classic men's underwear in nautical inspired colors like crisp white, deep navy blue, and a bold grey that makes us think of snuggling in bed on a cold New England morning.

Reliable, fashionable, and gorgeous… is there any wonder why women are so enamored with Nautica underwear? Now, if they just took out the trash, we'd really be in business…