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Nutshellz Bullet Resistant Armored Protective Cup



Nutshellz Bullet Resistant Armored Protective Cup


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For some men, a regular hard cup just isn't enough. That's where Nutshellz comes in. This bullet resistant, armored protective cup is made with a space age ballistic composite that shields your boys even in the most extreme situations. These armored cups are manufactured with Kevlar, a fiber used in protective vests and war gear, and ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, an incredibly strong engineered plastic.

One of the most hardcore cups in the world, Nutshellz has the ability to stop a Level 2 National Institute of Justice threat and is used by the police, the military and athletes seeking the highest level of security. Nutshellz provide the ULTIMATE in male genital protection.

Design features include the Nutshellz logo imprinted on either side and 5 air holes on each side for added ventilation and cooling.
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