Polo Underwear

If you're in the market for fashionable, comfortable men's underwear, it's tough to beat the classics. Case in point: Polo, by Ralph Lauren. These are underpants with serious style. But how do you know which of Polo's many great designer duds are right for you? Like the men that wear them, the most important component of these power panties for gentlemen can be summed up in a single word: personality.

For the free spirited gent, still in touch with his carefree, youthful side, nothing beats a great pair of boxers. Whether adorned with a classic Polo print (horses, anyone?) or in a solid color, stripe, or plaid, these are the men's underwear style worn by most men who prefer the Polo name. Boxers are also the ideal underwear for the man that likes to leave a touch more to the imagination.

Polo- Choosing The Best Trunks for Your Junk

Of course, there's more to men's underpants from Polo than beautiful boxers. Ralph Lauren's briefs are about as far away from your dad's tighty whities as can be. In fact, these are the ideal britches for traditionally minded fellows. Polo's collections of briefs have a flattering fit that always stays in place- good bye, tugging and shifting. And those droopy drawers of yesteryear are a thing of the past as well. These briefs are snug-ariffic… enhancing your package without that infamous "soiled diaper" look that comes with many a brief underwear.

And then there are Polo's boxer briefs. Quite possibly the greatest invention in men's underwear since the debut of elastic waistbands to replace cowhide straps, many consider boxer briefs to be the perfect marriage of comfort and support. And nobody does trunks like Polo. Made of the softest, most breathable cotton blends, Polo's boxer brief collection is comprised of some of the yummiest skivvies available.

So, just what kind of a Polo man are you? A young at heart boxer wearer, perhaps? A brief man, who knows what he wants, and isn't afraid to get it? Or maybe you're a trunk lover- a gentleman that can appreciate both comfort and good looks. Why decide? After all, variety is the spice of life. And adding a dash of Polo to your daily underwear recipe can make your unmentionable wardrobe very tasty indeed.