Ralph Lauren Underwear

Sure, cutting edge men's underwear with slings, pouches, and shelving units are great- if you're into that sort of thing. But for guys that want to look both sexy and classic, nothing beats the great design, comfortable construction and traditional touches of Ralph Lauren underwear. Forget the man-thongs and goofy cartoon boxers; the designers at Ralph Lauren know what looks good on today's man…. And what real guys are looking for in their underwear selection.

We can always count on Ralph Lauren for a superior fit and stunning design, and this year's collection is no exception. Some of our favorites for 2012 include:

Ralph Lauren Underwear For Men: Sexy, Stylish, Sensational

Polo Ralph Lauren Stretch Boxer Briefs: In classic black, with the Polo "pony" insignia stitched in red on the bottom of the left leg, these wardrobe basics are anything but ordinary. Stretch cotton jersey means unparalleled support and a serious stay put design. A must have for any active man, the signature Ralph Lauren elastic waistband makes these skivvies very easy on the eyes as well.

Ralph Lauren Big and Tall Classic Tanks: Available for the first time ever in big and tall sizes, the Ralph Lauren ribbed white tank is a staple that no man's underwear drawer should be without. Bigger guys will appreciate the way that these under shirts maintain their shape and crisp white color, no matter how many times you wash them. Women everywhere will appreciate the way these tanks hug their man's upper body. Yummy.

Polo Ralph Lauren Blue Stripe Boxers: French blue (AKA Medium blue) is this season's hottest color for guys. Ralph Lauren's men's underwear designers have embraced that fact with the trendiest boxers on the market this summer. In super soft, washed cotton, these boxers are sure to look flattering on every guy.

When it comes to great looking men's underwear, Ralph Lauren hasn't let us down yet. And this season looks as good as ever for the guru of men's unmentionables.