Reebok Hockey Cup Black and White

Reebok Hockey Cup Black and White

Reebok Men

Reebok Hockey Cup Black and White


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Calling all Jofa cup lovers: the famous Jofa hockey cup has now been revamped and Reeboked. This classic hockey jock still has its crowd-pleasing amenities (ventilation holes, metal grommet-secured adjustable fit, sturdy-but-cushioned cup) with an extra dash of Reebok flair (even heavier-duty elastic, streamlined silhouette, designer logo).

International Jock recommends a regular elastic jockstrap underneath this JOFA cup for unbeatable protection.
  • Waistband and leg straps are thick, heavy-duty elastic but feel soft and comfortable. A perfect cup for players, not designed for goalies.
  • Designer Features: : Reebok logo repeated around waistband; metallic “Reebok powered by Jofa” logo centered on cup
  • Fit Guide: ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Metal grommets in the waistband and legs straps allow lacing to the cup for an adjustable fit for guys with 30-44 inch waists
  • Cup: Spoon-shaped, foam-lined hard cup with 6 ventilation holes
  • Waistband: 2-1/4 inches of super-sturdy, extra heavy-duty elastic
  • Leg-straps: 3/4-inchwide heavy-duty elastic
  • Fabric Content: The cup is heat molded of thick polyethelene riveted to an inside lining of smooth styrofoam
  • Reebok Men style K101SRACJ8K-0-
  • Item No. 54329