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Reebok Protective Cup and Supporter Black



Protective Cup and Supporter Black


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Nothing is more masculine than a jockstrap. Unless, of course, itís also packing an extra virile protective cup and boasting super sleek, streamlined silhouette. The Reebok Protective Cup & Supporter: just about as masculine as it gets.
  • Look as streamlined as you feel
  • Designer Features: Sleek metallic Reebok logo repeated around the waist & centered on cup
  • Pouch: Ever-so-subtly contoured cotton pouch with center support seam; cup pocket is Velcro-secured
  • Cup: Removable hard cup with rubber edges & 3 ventilation holes
  • Waistband: 2-1/2-inches of sleek-&-sturdy elastic
  • Leg-straps: 1-inchwide
  • Reebok style K101SRACJSTPBLK
  • Item No. 54328