RevolutionWear Frigo No. 1 9-Inch

RevolutionWear Frigo No. 1 9-Inch


Frigo No. 1 9-Inch


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Made of the highest quality fabrics, with the most innovative design out there, the search for the ultimate menís support underwear is over. RevolutionWear presents the Frigo No. 1, a patented pair of compression shorts designed with meticulous attention to the male physique. The revolutionary Frigo Zone pouch allows you to fully adjust the levels of support and lift while providing comfort and moisture-wicking technology tailored to the specifics of your personal anatomy.

The short is made up of a tri-zone of fabric, with the pouch being composed of the lightest microfiber, while the body uses a more powerful version to provide durability and reinforcement to the thigh and seat. A cool mesh is placed in the crotch and thighs to provide even more ventilation, keeping you coolest where you sweat the most.

With an overall composure that minimizes the need for seams; those that remain have been moved from their traditional positions to minimal-movement areas on the garment and are heat-sealed so they lie flat against your skin. This allows for a greater range of mobility with unparalleled comfort.
  • Engineered to keep you cool, dry and comfortable, all while maintaining peak athletic performance levels.
  • Designer Features: Tri-zone fabric selection, strategically engineered to keep you cool and dry; silicon hem lining to prevent ride-up and maintain comfort during even the most intense activities; heat sealed Frigo vortex logo on front of waistband; lasercut vents in back
  • Pouch: A revolutionary, fully-adjustable pouch featuring the patented FRIGO zone design. Composed of ultra-lite, moisture-wicking fabric, it forms a cooling barrier between the body and the genitals while allowing you full control over the level of support and lift.
  • Waistband: 1-1/2-inch state-of-the-art, non-rolling waistband
  • Inseam: 9-inches
  • Side Seam: 16-inches
  • Fabric Content: Microfibers: 72% microfi
  • RevolutionWear style No. 1 9
  • Item No. 12965