SAW Spider Guard Compression Short with Flex Cup

SAW Spider Guard Compression Short with Flex Cup

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SAW Spider Guard Compression Short with Flex Cup


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The Flex Cup is like no other cup you’ve ever worn. SAW’s revolutionary design offers you comfortable freedom of movement while providing the security of a conventional hard cup. The Flex Cup absorbs and displaces impact unlike any other cup. It is so unbelievably comfortable that you might even forget you're wearing it.The SAW Flex Cup employs “Spider Guard Technology”: An energy absorbing and displacing structure that includes a rigid inner metal band that follows the curve of the area it protects and an outer flexible web-shaped body made of a soft rubber-like material that works as a locator and supporter for the rigid band. The combined structure works like a spring, keeping the metal band in the proper location away from the genitals and allowing for the absorption and displacement of the energy of an impact.SAW’s compression short is made from an engineered microfiber fabric that wicks moisture from your body and provides excellent compression to help protect your muscles from injury. The athletic design includes black and white paneling that’s contoured to perfectly fit the male body. The fabric is made from a stretch blend of 85% microfiber nylon and 15% Elastane. Made in the U.S.A. Machine Wash.
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