Shock Doctor Power LAX Short with Carbon Flex Cup

Shock Doctor Power LAX Short with Carbon Flex Cup

Shock Doctor

Power LAX Short with Carbon Flex Cup


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Be on your game in the comfortable, protective lacrosse short. Designed with flatlock seams, the included Carbon Flex Cup provides maximum protection while the internal X-Fit brief retention system secures the cup close to the body. Lycra fabric provides superior compression and X-Static silver fabric technology is the ultimate antimicrobial solution that also enhances moisture management. Integrated rubber grippers keep the short's legs in place.

The unique design of the included Power Carbon Flex cup dissipates impact in four stages:

1. Impact Compression Shield compresses with shock bushings to absorb initial energy impact.
2. Impact Dispersion Compression Bushings compresses to counter impact force.
3. Shock Dispersion Base evenly distributes impact transferred from shock bushings throughout entire protective cup.
4. Orbital EVA Comfort Pad eliminates any residual impact transmissions.

Other superior features of the carbon cup include:

- An ergonomic design that mirrors the shape of the body exactly to provide superior comfort and mobility- Multiple vents that offer improved ventilation and moisture transport
- A Dual Density Flex Notch that allows athletes unrestricted movement during play for improved comfort and performance
  • Shock Doctor style 240
  • Item No. 3585