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Shock Doctor Titan Alloy Extra Large Flex Cup


Shock Doctor

Titan Alloy Extra Large Flex Cup


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When it's time to get tough, you'll need the maximum protection for your boys. Made with unbreakable metal alloy construction and a gel perimeter, the Shock Doctor Flex cup keeps you safe by providing a sturdy shield and transferring shock away from crucial areas. The larger cup design has enough room for the well-endowed, so larger guys can have space to breathe. Plus, the lightweight composition and structurally engineered shape will give you the confidence and comfort you need to win your battles.

Design features include 4 holes on top for enhanced ventilation and cooling, Titan Alloy Flex logo printed on right side, and a Shock Doctor logo on top.
  • Shock Doctor style 203-19-40
  • Item No. 18833