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Tommy Hilfiger Underwear

There was a time, in the not to distant past, when men's underwear could best be described as unflattering, boring, and (dare we say it?) just plain ugly. But that was before designers like Tommy Hilfiger took underwear to a whole new level. Today, Hilfiger underwear is more than just a buffer between your jeans and your nether region- it's a fashion accessory in and of itself.

Take, for example, Tommy Hilfiger's signature knit boxers. Available in the traditional length and a shorter, "athletic" version, Hilfiger men's boxers are made from the softest fiber blends, for an all day comfort that can't be beat. The one button fly opening of this classic men's underwear design means less accidental spillage of important man parts- a simple detail that is often overlooked by other manufacturers.

Style and Flair for your Derriere with Tommy Hilfiger for Him

The boxer briefs from Tommy Hilfiger underwear for men line are another example of great underwear craftsmanship. 100% stretch cotton and a flat seams add to the wear-ability of these nifty little square cut trunks, while a contrasting band and form fitting shape make them some of the best looking skivvies on the market.

But perhaps Tommy Hilfiger's greatest contribution to the world of men's underwear comes in the form of their briefs. It has been proposed that Tommy was almost single handedly responsible for the resurgence in popularity of briefs among younger guys. And it's hard to argue, especially when so many young celebrities have admitted to being addicted to Tommy Hilfiger men's underwear in general- and their briefs in particular.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to men's underwear is to find a fit, style, and brand that flatter your body, and then stock up. Many men find that Tommy Hilfiger underwear covers all of their undergarment bases… and then some.

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