Model in marble 2xist Sliq Hip Brief
2xist Sliq Hip Brief Marble
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Model in bluesteel 2xist Sliq Hip Brief
Model in floral velour mesh 2xist Floral Sliq Velour Brief
Model in dawn blue 2xist Sliq Jockstrap
Model in baked clay 2xist Sliq Brief
2xist Sliq Brief Baked Clay
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Model in sunset stripe 2xist Sliq Brief
Model in snakeskin 2xist Sliq Brief
2xist Sliq Brief Snakeskin
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2xist Underwear

Founded in 1991, 2(X)IST has become one of America's leading brands for men's designer underwear. Pronounced "two exist," the brand took what was once a purely functional male garment and elevated it to new levels of fashion by applying 3 key tenets of great design: cut, materials, and fit. 2(X)IST creates better-fitting underwear for fashion-forward, confident, and modern men.

2(X)IST differentiate themselves in the men's underwear industry by focusing on quality, sexy styles, and designs that complement the male form. Underwear by 2(X)IST is designed to appeal to men who have an appreciation for design, fashion, bright colors, and modern styles. 2(X)IST uses only the highest quality cotton, ensuring each pair of 2(X)IST underwear is soft, comfortable, and shrink resistant. As 2(X)IST continues to evolve, expect to see new categories and innovative materials that refine and redefine men's underwear.