Athletic Supporter Cup

Whether you're looking for a soft athletic supporter, a hard cup or a hybrid of both, International Jock has got the goods. We carry all kinds of jockstraps from the world's best designers. Our hard cup jocks will keep your boys safe during the toughest of sports and our soft ones will give you a little extra cushioning when the stakes aren't so high.

The key to today's quality athletic supporter is the technology behind the cup itself. Primitive man used hollowed-out gourds for protection, which did the job but were certainly not comfortable. More recent times saw the rise of hard plastic protective gear that was qualitatively not much better than the inflexible gourds of the past. Today we use state-of-the-art materials to make cups you can wear for hours without discomfort.

Futuristic Athletic Supporter Cups

To give you a glimpse into the future of athletic supporters, we at International Jock present you with the Shock Doctor Titan Flex Alloy Metal Cup. This amazing product has

  • unparalleled strength from a stainless steel alloy that cannot be broken
  • the ability to be flexible--like you are--during the most active of games
  • a gel perimeter that makes for an outstandingly comfortable fit in an athletic support cup
  • ventilation across the top so you stay cool, calm and collected during your championship game.

We also carry lightweight, ultra-strong plastic athletic supporters from superior companies such as All-Star and Bike. Browse through our several pages of jockstraps to find the one that best fits your sport and your life. We keep our prices competitive so you can even afford to go ahead and buy however many styles appeal to you!