Athletic Supporters

As most men have seen for themselves, department stores don't always have the best selection of athletic supporters. At most they may carry offerings from two or three different brands, and often the choices are even slimmer. Compare that to International Jock where we carry athletic supporters from more than a dozen top designers, each with multiple styles from which to choose.

Names like C-IN2, Core, Duke and Go Softwear lead the industry in creating high-quality jockstraps. Go Softwear's Strapless Jock, for instance, is an athletic supporter with a new twist: no leg straps or thong strap. It's simply a pouch made from a soft cotton and Lycra blend held up by a fabric-covered elastic waistband. The design showcases the male form in all its glory--holding the genitals up and out and exposing the butt completely.

Athletic Supporters with Versatility

Many of the athletic supporters we carry can function both as jockstraps and as protective gear. The Vulkan is just such a marvel. Without a hard cup, it provides super-strong support in what is arguably the world's most comfortable jock. Slip a hard cup into the double-layer pouch and you've got all the protection you'll need for any full contact sport.

Some of our athletic supporters fall into the "fashion jockstrap" category, which means they help you score even when you're no where near a field or court. The Andrew Christian White Mesh Sports Jock, for instance, may well turn your significant other into an avid athletic supporter. The classic design and snug mesh pouch create a sexy look that could easily call for extra innings!