Bike Jockstraps

Bike jockstraps provide superb support just where you need it and look great in the process. We've got a terrific selection of Bike jockstraps at International Jock and are always on the lookout for their latest styles. From regular athletic supporters to hard and soft cups, you could say Bike is the "jock of all trades."

The old trade-off with hard cup athletic supporters was that you gave up comfort in exchange for protection. Keeping your package safe meant wearing a hard cup that dug into your inner thighs after an hour or two. Enter designs like the Bike Performance Cotton Jock with Proflex 2 Cup and now you get the best of both worlds. The Proflex 2 Cup is exceptionally strong but has soft flexible edges to protect your inner thighs.

Back to Basics with Bike Jockstraps

If you're looking for an athletic supporter that will keep you steady during the game and make your partner swoon after hours, the Black Athletic Supporter is the ticket. This NFL Pro-Line design has a mesh pouch that uses a blend of super-stretchy polyester and 12 percent rubber to keep your boys snug. The Bike Black is a fine example of how this brand masters the art of creating jockstraps that look every bit as good as they feel.

The Performance Elite Hard Cup Jockstrap is the one you want if you need advanced levels of protection. Its Proflex Max cup is shaped to fit the serious athlete's physique and is well-ventilated to provide hours of comfortable wear. Check out the Performance Elite and all of the other Bike jockstraps in our inventory at Internationl Jock today!