Buy Jockstraps

When you buy jockstraps in person you may have the luxury of trying them on (over your underwear, of course). Sometimes, however, regular department stores won't let you take them out of their box or packaging. When you purchase jockstraps from International Jock, you won't really know how well they fit until you receive them in the mail. That's why we protect our customers with a 30-day return/exchange policy.

To return jockstraps to us, simply send them back with their tags and original packaging intact. We only accept unworn items, but that doesn't mean you can't try them on to see if they fit. By "unworn" we simply mean you haven't worn your jockstrap around for hours and then decided to send it back. (We can't expect other customers to buy jocks someone else has worn.)

How to Buy Jockstraps that Fit

One of the keys to buying a jockstrap you won't have to return is to read the detailed description we include under each item we sell. Some brands run smaller than the industry standard, and when this is the case we will encourage you to buy one size up. Make sure your size hasn't changed since the last time you purchased a jock by taking your current measurements.

By shopping at International Jock you can buy the most intimate apparel while exercising the utmost in discretion. In other words: if you buy the rubber jock, we won't tell. Now that you have all this freedom and privacy, how far will you let your adventurous side take you?