Cotton Jockstrap

Although we hate to toot our own horn, we simply have to say that our collection of cotton jockstraps at International Jock is second to none. Our online inventory is huge, filled with the top names in men's underwear design. From pure cotton jockstraps to high-performance blends, we've got the athletic supporters that will put you in the winner's circle.

The Safe-T-Gard jockstrap is a shining example of what's great about cotton-blend jockstraps. Available in a choice of seven vibrant colors, this jock destroys the notion that support isn't sexy. Its stretchy knit pouch has plenty of give so you won't feel fenced in and the rubber ribbing gives your boys ample lift while you play.

Pure Cotton Jockstraps that Carry the Day

The C-IN2 Jock Strap is the quintessential cotton jockstrap. A simple, masculine design gives it sex appeal, while the 100% cotton pouch ensures the ultimate level of comfort. We're fans of C-IN2 because we love their many innovative designs, but we've got to say this plain white jock is a quiet scene-stealer. A classic is a classic for a reason, and we've got a feeling this one's here to stay.

The Vulkan Athletic Supporter is another jockstrap for the history books. Imported from Great Britain, its pliable cotton pouch can comfortably hold a hard cup or simply cup your boys. Elastic bands help reinforce the soft pouch along the inner sides to provide great support without the addition of a cup. Many of our customers consider this cotton jockstrap to be the most comfortable of its kind.