Football Jockstraps

Unlike jockstraps for some other sports, football jockstraps must fulfill many duties. First, they must provide firm support when you're running down the field. Second, they've got to protect your package from hard football cleats in the event that you end up on the bottom of a pile-up. And lastly, they need to look sexy when the uniform comes off. Okay, that last one's not mandatory, but at International Jock we think it should be.

Our selection of football jockstraps contains hot and sexy numbers by several of the world's top designers. Adidas, All-Star, Safe-T-Gard and more make football jockstraps that give you all the protection you need without sacrificing a moment of comfort. Wearing any of these well-designed jocks will keep you feeling good for the duration of the game.

These Aren't Your Father's Football Jockstraps

There was a time when wearing a football jockstrap with a hard cup was about as pleasant as sticking a hard hat down your pants. Thankfully those days are gone for good. Today's hard cups are made from technologically advanced plastics, metal alloys and carbon flex materials that conform to the shape of your body. They also come with soft gel or rubber linings to protect your inner thighs.

The Adidas Microlight Hard Cup Black is a perfect example of the advances that have been made in football jockstraps. Its hard plastic cup is removable and its pouch is reinforced Microlight mesh. Ultra-efficient as both an athletic supporter and a cup, the Adidas Microlight also has a sexy look that will keep you in the starting lineup.