Hot Men's Underwear

In order for men's underwear to be classified as hot, it has to be both sexy and enticing. Men and women find different fashions alluring, so whether you are gay or straight will play a role in your quest for hot men's underwear. While some gay men might find a mesh thong or leather jock to be blazing hot, many straight women might prefer a well-cut bikini or pair of boxer briefs in the bedroom.

No matter what your fancy, we have an enormous selection of hot men's underwear at International Jock. From abbreviated briefs to contoured boxers, we have a wide range of underwear designed to up your sexy quotient. Some of the sexier brands include 2xist, C-IN2, Gregg Homme, GrigioPerla, Ergowear, CockSox, Rufskin and Wax, but you can also find hot underwear in many of the other designer lines we sell.

Increase the Bulge of Your Endowment with Hot Men's Underwear

There are very few guys who wouldn't leap at the opportunity to boost the profile of their package if it came knocking at their door. Luckily, that opportunity is knocking in the form of some high-tech underwear designs. You don't need a pill, a pump or a painful operation, and the results are instantaneous.

C-IN2 and CockSox are just two of the brands who offer men the chance to maximize the contour of their manhood. C-IN2 offers innovative technology in the form of a "Sling Support System" and a "Trophy Shelf" to lift and project your passengers into better position, while it's the very design and construction of the CockSox pouch that creates a more provocative package profile. And that's always appreciated, no matter who's looking.