Jock Shorts

If you're looking for jock shorts that will protect your goods and support your muscles, then you're going to love our collection at International Jock. We've got fantastic styles with built-in jocks from superior brands lisuch as Safe-T-Gard, Stromgren and Bike, to name a few. Our selection includes various comfortable styles like compression and cycling shorts, swim trunks and more.

The Stromgren Power Shorts with Hard Cup are a shining example of excellence in men's sports apparel. Constructed out of potent blend of 25 percent Lycra Brand Spandex and 75 percent Nylon, they will propel you through your game at full capacity. The vented hard cup keeps you cool and dry while it protects your valuables, ensuring that Power Shorts truly live up to their name.

Why Choose Jock Shorts over Jock Straps?

If you've never worn jock shorts and don't know what they offer that jockstraps don't, here's a heads up: they use supportive materials to prevent muscle fatigue in your legs, pelvis and lower back. Also known as "compression shorts," these garments generally use Lycra or spandex blends to support your muscles. In long-lasting activities like baseball and cross-country running, jock shorts can truly increase your competitive edge.

For those who don't need the muscle compression but prefer a cotton brief to a jockstrap, there are the All-Star Super Sports. These comfy cotton boxer briefs have a Velcro pouch into which you can insert one of the accompanying cups (hard or soft). They offer superb protection in both contact and non-contact sports.