Jockstrap Underwear

There are two basic types of jockstrap underwear: the kind that stand alone (also known simply as "jocks") and the kind that are built into an undergarment. Within the second type there are multiple styles including briefs, boxers and compression shorts. We have a superb collection of all the different styles at International Jock and we are excited to bring them to you at competitive prices.

Our inventory of jockstrap underwear is broken down into several different categories. We have fashion styles, strapless jocks, swimmer's jocks and thongs. We also carry specialty items such as leather and rubber jocks and suspensories. If you prefer to search our underwear inventory by brand name you will find top designers like PCP Champion, McDavid, Bike and many more.

Choosing Jockstrap Underwear for Different Types of Play

One of the advantages of online shopping is that you'll enjoy much greater privacy than what you get when you go to a store. With that in mind, we offer a healthy dose of sexy men's apparel intermingled with our utilitarian sports underwear. Whether you're looking for underwear that supports you during outdoor sports or indoor games, you'll find hot stuff at International Jock.

For a truly unique pair of underwear, get a gander at the suspensory jocks we carry. Suspensories are athletic supporters that hold up your testicles while letting your shaft break free. The hole in the middle of the jock is what sets them apart; you inside of them will give you and your partner a night to remember.