Leather Jockstraps

For men's underwear that is guaranteed to raise the room temperature by several degrees, you've got to see our collection of leather jockstraps at International Jock. We've got the kind that look pretty much like you'd imagine, and then we've got a few that totally break the mold. And what better place to shop for these risque designs than at a discrete online store like ours?

Our go-to guy for hot jockstraps is renowned designer JT. We're partial to JT's creativity and dedication to craftsmanship. Take the JT Deluxe Black for example: this beautiful concoction is made from top-grade leather for a glove-like fit. As supple as the finest driving glove, this jockstrap will conform to your body's unique shape. After a short while you'll swear it was custom-tailored just for you.

Unique Styles in Leather Jockstraps

So here's a riddle for you: what do you get the man who loves the look of tightey whiteys but prefers the feel of leather? The JT Tightey Whitey Jockstrap, of course! This innovative design uses superior quality white leather to create a pouch that looks exactly like the traditional tightey whitey fly-front brief.

If you're more into leather that looks the part, we suggest you go with the JT Deluxe Leather Jockstrap with Stripe. The color of the stripe that runs down the middle of the pouch varies, but the panel color is always black. Leather lovers the world over have something to celebrate in this design. Made to withstand all kinds of horseplay, this jock will support your body while setting your imagination free.