Male Jockstraps

For the best selection of male jockstraps in one easy online location, we invite you to visit us at International Jock. Our athletic supporters come in a wide range of styles including sexy gear, hard cups, soft cups and even suspensories. If you're not sure what that last one means, hang tight for an explanation (pardon the pun).

Suspensory male jockstraps are designed to provide firm testicular support while allowing the penis unrestricted movement. There is a hole in the front through which your shaft snugly fits. We carry a few different versions of the suspensory from top designers like Go Softwear, Champion and AT. These athletic supporters are somewhat unusual but prove to be 100 percent sexy.

Hard Cup vs. Soft Cup Male Jockstraps

There was a time when all protective cups were pretty much the same: unwieldy, bulky and uncomfortable. Now men can choose between a variety of hard and soft cups with the following notable differences:

  • Hard cups are made of strong yet flexible plastics for great protection without the bulk.
  • Some hard cups are made of state-of-the-art alloy metals that fit easily into regular male jockstraps.
  • Foam and rubber soft cups provide comfy protection in less demanding situations.

If you're in the market for a sexy male jockstrap without any cup at all, we've got several hot numbers that may be just the ticket. Our Go Software Strapless Jock is a crowd favorite, sometimes selling out before the next shipment comes in. We also carry several mesh jockstraps and even leather jockstraps for the truly swashbuckling male!