Men's Athletic Underwear

The three most important qualities to look for when shopping for men's athletic underwear are support, protection and comfort. Athletic apparel is required to keep your most precious heirlooms safe when practicing vigorous physical activity. Failure to wear the proper undergarment can most definitely result in injury.

Support, protection and comfort all go hand in hand for most styles and brands of jockstraps, supporters and compression pants. At International Jock, we offer a variety of brands of men's athletic underwear including Bike, Champion, Safe-T-Guard, Duke, Shock Doctor, Stromgren and many others. Our men's athletic underwear comes in many different styles to suite a variety of different tastes, sports and activities.

Men's Athletic Underwear with Added Features

The long-lived jockstrap is the cornerstone in the industry and it's timeless design is still functional and practical in modern sports. However, newer types of these supporters offer added bonuses that can actually improve your endurance and performance. For example, styles that offers compression not only keeps your goods in the proper place and out of the way, the compression improves circulation to your muscles.

Typically, modern men's athletic underwear also comes in materials that help manage moisture from sweating and can even help deodorize. Available in attractive colors and styles, many of the newer designs can also be worn throughout the day. Whether you are heading to the gym, going for a run or walking out into the ring at Madison Square Garden, wearing the right supportive undergarments can make all the difference.